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Friday, June 8, 2012

"Won't" Power (Day 6- Done!)

".... 'It's not a question of will power, but of 'won't" power... No thank you, I won't have any." Such drastic adjustments are not always necessary, but the day-by-day discipline in many little things is. In truth we may say that the finest display of such discipline is not the spectacular achievement but the permanent adjustment of living pattern." 
 -Richard S. Taylor
Today was a little rough. About 20 minutes into Insanity I was ready to turn that thing off and just do my own thing, but I knew my own perspective of work out probably won't have me sweating like how I am now. Literally, just drenched in sweat! I'm very glad that I stuck through it because I am definitely feeling the climb up my proverbial mountain here.

Yesterday, we went to eat out to celebrate our little man's graduation from Pre-school. The quote above kept ringing through my mind, just every minute saying "no, thanks- I won't eat that right now or "No, I will not eat that right now." I say right now because I feel that I'm at the point of training my mind and body to have positive association with healthy foods. I want to give my body a chance to cleanse itself from the junk I've fed it all these years. I'm glad I didn't have that: pretzel, ice cream, pop corn, milk shake, and cupcake. These are all the foods I could've consumed yesterday-boy, am I glad I walked away lol (can you imagine how many hours of Insanity it would take to burn all those off??!) 

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