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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What My Work-Out Really Looks Like..

I work out in our kitchen with the laptop, since the Kids need to be occupied for the 40 minutes I'm working out, they get dibs on the TV. However, for some reason they love to gravitate to my mat to what feels like every 5 minutes. So, here is how my 40 minutes REALLY looks like lol.

Me: Warming Up  (I see a baby in my peripheral.. I'm thinking "I really hope I don't hit him/her")

Baby: Sits on the mat

Me: Moves away from the mat and transfer to the floor (I smell something funny .. I'm thinking "oh boy, I smell poop)

PAUSE DVD-Change Diaper-Throw away diaper-wash hands-give baby toy and move baby back to living room- PRESS PLAY

Half way into my work out

Me: Sweating & out of breath (I feel a toddler holding on to my leg.. I'm thinking "that's okay- I need weights anyway)

Toddler: "Mom, I'm thirsty!" x15 

Me: Waiting for the next 30 second break so I can give toddler water

Toddler: "Mom! I want water ... pleeeeease!" 

Me: "Finally, 30 second break!" Share water with toddler 

End of my work out

Me: Panting & Drenched in Sweat ( I see baby and toddler climbing up the table)

Toddler & baby:  Making progress up the table

Me: Pause DVD- Rescue baby and toddler-Play DVD

Begging "Shaun T! Please let's do the cool down, already"

It may not be the ideal environment for working-out but, I thank God that my kids are slowly understanding that this is part of mommy's routine, and it's important. I also get the opportunity to educate my 5 year old son why exercise is important, and why food choices is also just as important. I never thought I could incorporate exercise into our everyday schedule. I had so many excuses and to me, they were valid, but 3 weeks ago my health became more important than my excuses. I committed, and prayed to God that I would be accountable for my decision and whether or not there was someone pushing or encouraging me - I would still keep on going. 

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  1. This is so true for stay-at-home moms...once the children know your routine, it gets easier...they'll even remind you to workout. Lol