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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Before & After Work Out Must Have

Two Things that I take before and after my work out.


I usually take the Access Bar & my husband drinks the shake. What is it? Well.. It's a product from a company called Melaleuca and it does the following:
  • Helps Reduce body fat
  • increase lean muscle mass and helps improve muscle tone
  • Helps keep fat off and prevents weight gain. 
"Access contains the purest form of CLA. Naturally sourced from safflower oil"
 (straight from the box)


Proflex is basically a recovery formula. Since exercise  creates free radicals (unstable molecules that attack and damage your cells, slowing recovery). Free radicals is neutralized by Vitamins. Proflex also provides the essential amino acids to build muscle, decreases recovery time to make you feel less fatigue. There is also fiber to help your digestion. All this information taken from the information written on the back of the packaging. 

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