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Monday, February 27, 2012

FREE $15 credit to One Kings Lane

Stock up on Kitchen essentials!! You get free $15CREDIT  and if you check out their kitchen sale going on right NOW you will find great items at good prices! Use the credit on your  purchase of  $30 or more. 



Thursday, February 23, 2012

Target Diaper Deal

Buy 2 Huggies Diapers Big Pack $19.79Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Use 2 $2.00/1 Huggies Diapers from SS 2/12 (exp 3/10) OR if you have it  you can use a $3/1 peelie from the box
And Use 2 $1.50/1 Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers, Target Coupon from SS 2/12 (exp 3/31)
Pay $32.58, Receive a $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $13.79 each when you buy 2

(Thanks to STL Mommy)

My trip to Old Navy: 70% off!

I needed work out clothes and after looking through prices online I just couldn't bring myself to spend so much on a pair of yoga pants and active wear shirt $30. Even with the $15 off $50 Old Navy coupon, that is only a 30% off savings.. not good enough. Good thing that I'm a Banana Republic card holder because when I signed up for paperless billing they gave me a $20 rewards certificate to be used at any of their stores (Old Navy, Banana Republic, or Gap). I planned my trip combining these two discounts.

My plan: Spend $50 (it was super important to stick to this budget), and use $15/50 ON coupon + $20 BR certificate = Expected Out of pocket => $15! (70% savings!)

My OOP came out to $16.47 (tax included)

1 Yoga pant, 2 tanks, and 2 shirts

Very pleased with this outcome =) I got my work out clothes and I spent under $20. Score! The secret is combine your discounts. If you are a card holder use your benefits/rewards with coupons and of course stick to a budget. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wittlebee Box Review (Boys 18-24 months)

Here is my experience with Wittlebee.
Final Cost: $19.99 (Discounted) for the 1st month. Shipping is included in the membership. $39.99 every month thereafter. More on Wittlebee membership here
Shipping: Ordered on 2/7/12 and I received my box via USPS Priority mail on 2/21/12 (about 2 wks.)
Brands: Gap, American Apparel, Cottonseeds, and Old Navy, Legwarmers (not sure what brand?)
Condition: All clothes are brand new
The process was fairly smooth even with the two weeks wait (I know they are adding more people on staff to keep up with the demand so this two weeks wait may get shorter in the future?)  I signed up using a referral link that allowed me to get 50% off my first month. There are lots of referral links from members on their  wall at Wittlebee facebook page, should you need one. It took about a week before a stylist contacted me to ask about size and style preference. The stylist was very nice and friendly, she asked what colors I preferred, and what type of prints I liked. I mentioned I wanted comfortable tops (cotton) with solid colors, and pants that match the tops. I also emphasized the need for leg warmers! and I'm very pleased that I got everything I wanted and needed. For $19.99 the clothes are about $2.50 each and if it were the regular membership of$39.99 the clothes would be about $5.00 each. Again, these are brand new clothes so I think they are priced pretty reasonably. However, for some bargain hunters that have the time to shop at clearance sections of department stores some of these basic clothes you may find a little steep considering these items can be priced at less than $5.00. Some may find Wittlebee a good suit for them since its convenient, and they include high-quality clothes without the hassle of going shopping and sometimes even having to go through the clearance section. I tried to calculate about how much I would have paid for each item if I didn't go through Wittlebee and it came out to about $80+ (Cottonseed shirts are 3 for $45).

Wittlebee Box


8 pieces of clothing

Piece #1 Cottonseed short sleeve

Piece #2 Gap L-S waffle tee

Piece #3 Cotton Seed

Piece # 4 Cotton Seed Long Sleeve 

Piece #5 Baby Leg warmers

Piece # 6 Old Navy Graphic Tee

Piece # 7 American Apparel pants

Piece # 8 Baby Gap athletic pants 

Group Pic

Group Pic

Check out my ThredUP Certified Box Review here

Friday, February 17, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Highlights!

Our eldest son turned 5 this past week and he decided to have an Angry Bird birthday. I could't really find that many Angry Bird decorations (but, I'm sure with the high demand, companies will start buying the license for these popular creatures and start making birthday kits! =) So, we had to play with the colors and just make it as close to the Angry Bird theme as possible. Here are some of the highlights:

Angry Bird table cloth. I cut both ends to make it a runner
instead of it hanging on the side. 

I used the yellow Angry Bird napkins as placemats
to contrast the red plates

Favors: Angry Bird Cookies!Ordered from etsy 

Red Velvet cake made by my husband's talented cousin

Labels for  the favors

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Going Organic: A Happy Balance

Nothing like watching Food Inc.!  It's like someone pulled up the blinds from a dark room... and the hard honest trust is like a light that  illuminates an area that has just accepted in our world today, and that's Industrialized food. I can go on and on about the truths revealed in the documentary, but I won't because I say to be empowered.. you have know for yourself what you are standing up against. Knowledge is power, right? =)

 So, this is not a rant but I just want to share what our kitchen has been like since we were enlightened. Honestly, the day after watching Food Inc. I couldn't eat or look at meat. In fact, I think I dropped one size after refusing to eat anything processed lol (another advantage to eating fresh!)
My first response to this documentary was going to the grocery store and without any coupons (yes, no coupons!  I know... was I out of my mind?! lol) just bought everything organic. Guess What?! I had to drop $150.00 and that was just a week's worth of food. Well.. needless to say, we cannot afford to dish out $600 in groceries a month.
So, I had to try another route... I subscribed to a NYC based CSA (sort-of) called BasisFoods. Thankfully, Groupon had a great promotion and I was able to save money. Anyway, with the Groupon promotion I pay about $50-$80 a month for 2-3 wks. worth of organic fruits,vegetables, dairy products. Depending on that week's menu I can still spend an extra $20-30 on fruits and veggies. Here are some pictures of what I had delivered. We also had fresh milk, butter, granola bar, and greens.

oranges, lemons, apples, & kumquats


I had to find a balance, because if I didn't our budget would take a big hit. What I must buy organic: Our meats, any fruits or vegetables that we eat without peeling (like apples, lettuce, leafy veggies, etc.), eggs, and milk. The rest I can compromise here and there. I also try very hard to follow these guidelines (take from She calls these the "Dirty dozen: 12 foods you should always buy organic" 
  • celery
  • peaches
  • strawberries
  • apples
  • blueberries
  • nectarines
  • bell peppers
  • spinach
  • cherries
  • kale/collard greens
  • potatoes
  • grapes (imported)
Basically, I needed to educate myself further on the best way I can feed my family safe and healthy foods without breaking the bank. The lesson is, start slow.. and incorporate organic food slowly, you may find yourself cooking more with fresh ingredients. Trust me, you will feel so much better. Your body will respond well when it is treated well!=)

ThredUP Certified Box Review

Here is my experience with ThredUP's certified clothes. Here are the details of my order... 

Final Cost: $30.93 (Free shipping if your order is $30 or more) about $4.42 per item
Shipping: Ordered on 2/7/12 and I received my box via UPS on 2/16/12. 
So about a week 1/2. 
Brands:1- Brand new with tags Hello Kitty Skirt (Orig. $30), 3 -Greendog tops & 1- Greenddog skirt, & 2- Youngland dresses
Condition: all size 3T and the condition are Excellent! These clothes are gently used and I am pleased to say there are no rips, stain, tears, or fading. This is my first order and I'm glad that all of the clothes are in quality condition. 

Overall Experience: ThredUP has a great option now for moms who do not want to go through the swapping route. For me, I found that this way works well for me, especially when I am too busy to make boxes and wait for credits to be applied (more on swapping here). There are still some improvements that TU can make, like: making sure the appropriate gender and sizes are placed in the right category, an option to track the status of your box. I enjoyed my experience from the time I chose my daughter's clothes to the time she wore them. So, thumbs up ThredUP. 

ThredUP Certified Items box. Delivered via UPS

Nice packaging
My TU Certified Order
The black & white outfit is a Youngland dress paired with a
 Greendog cardigan sweater. So cute, if I may say! =o) 

Upcoming Review: ThredUP vs. Wittlebee

I have been a member of ThredUP since last year and just recently I've been less active in sending out boxes (since I've been busy with family matters). I stumbled upon Wittlebee from a TU member's recommendation so, I jumped on board when they had their 50% off promotion. The difference between Thredup & Wittlebee is Wittlebee sends out only new clothes. However, ThredUP recently launched a section called "certified items" which basically is like an online consignment store, where you pick out indiviudal clothing. Granted its in trial phase and available only to current TU members ... I personally like the option. Well... I'm supposed to get my ThredUP certified box and my first Wittlebee box this week so stay tuned for my review of both boxes! Till next time~

Free Stuff - Dr. Oz Giveaway

I just wanted to share the two things that we won from a giveaway this past Dec. 2011. It's so exciting! Especially because they are F R E E ! ARV of $114.99 !

YONANA $49.99

Philosophy Microdelivery Vitamin C Peptide Peel $65.00