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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How Can A Busy Mama Exercise?!?!

I used to come up with 101 excuses on why I could not fit working out into my daily routine, and you know what? I am paying for each and single one of my excuses. When I said "no" to exercising and helping my body  stay healthy; I was saying "yes" to staying over-weight and unhealthy. I don't know what it is but from reading other blogs, and even my very own best friend's experience with deciding to take that step to finally just be healthy-something just CLICKS! It's a moment when you say "enough, is enough!"

For me,  that moment was last Sunday. I had a talk with my husband in the car on the way to church and I said "I'm going to lose weight this year, and that's that." What  I love about my husband is he is a great encourager  and he pushes me like on one else can. He told me that I looked beautiful just the way I am (I know so cliche' but you know us ladies love to hear our man say that to us) but, he agreed that shedding the pounds would do me some good. My turning point was then, and it's been almost 5 days, which may not seem long BUT for someone like me who loves to start something new, but will easily drop what I've started once I've lost interest-this is a GREAT accomplishment =)

Maintaining this blog allows me to "vocalize" through writing the ups and downs of this journey, and it enables me to regain perspective. I also have created a multitude of accountability just by daily posting on my Facebook wall. I look forward to saying "done" after my work-out and letting my family and friends know that I haven't given up, slacked off, and I'm pushing hard towards my goal. I'm sure half of those people could care less, but you know what I do it to keep myself motivated. I pray, write this blog, I send pictures to my husband after my work out, update my status, and read books about discipline to help me stay on track. The point is, do what you need to do to stay motivated, focused, and invite others on your journey to reaching the top of that symbolic mountain.

For busy Mamas... if you don't have a schedule, make one! Don't let a day pass without writing down what you have accomplished and what you will accomplish the next day. I found this to be sooooo helpful, plus children need structure and providing one for them will not only be beneficial for them but for you as this gives you time to complete tasks.

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