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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Here I Go- Day 4 (Done!)

Before Work- Out Thoughts:
I read a review on Insanity last night. The reviewer mentioned that one of the "cons" in the insanity work-out is it is not a quick fix, not an instant weight loss plan, in addition those who have not been working out for years will probably not endure the 60 days suggested plan as they do not have the stamina to keep going. To some degree, I agree.. this really is one of the hardest work-out routine I have ever done and it is not for the weak and unmotivated. One will probably realize that after the third day (my third day was yesterday =) and if you can still pop the DVD after realizing what you are up against consider it an accomplishment. So, today I am lacing up for day 4 and I thank God for allowing me to have the strength to really stick to this regimen.

The Bible says, "If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small." Days of adversity are bound to come. The weakling will faint by self-induced illness, by blaming others, by resigning, by displays of 'nerves"- almost any method which presents the possibility of escape. Only  consistent disciplined living can that strength of character be developed which can face adversities without fainting."
- Richard S. Taylor

What is consistency?
The Latin root of the word consistency suggests that the word entails “standing firm.” 
This is my husband's challenge to me... Consistency. I thank God for my other half as he keeps me accountable and challenges me to accomplish what I never thought I could. 

After Work-Out Thoughts: 
That felt great! Stretches and control exercises. Nice break from the crazy cardio. =o)
Well.. it is a nice break since tomorrow is "PURE CARDIO"! Let's do this! So pumped... finally giving my heart some much needed exercise. 

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