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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pushing with Motivation

I realized that working out has become part of my daily life, it is no longer a quest to reach a certain weight, but rather a habit that cultivates discipline. Of course, reaching a healthy BMI involves being a certain weight but my point is, I don't worship the scale anymore! And neither should you.

 Despite the hurdles that come with limiting food intake and exercising,  there is always this sense of gratification that no short-cut diets can provide. In fact, someone asked me recently  if I was doing a diet since I had looked smaller. I thought about her question and I finally understood that she (like me before) thought the only way to lose weight is to follow a "diet." However, I don't think that's my goal anymore. It would be really nice to pass down healthy habits to my children: Habits that include eating fresh food and as close to the source as possible as well as keeping an active lifestyle. What an incredibly high calling because it means I need to exemplify that in my life first. 

 I have to make good choices in what I put on the table, in our pantry and in our fridge; Furthermore, I need to exemplify how to play games that will amp up our heart rate and provide just as much fun as reaching the next level on a video game. With that said, completed 45 minutes of cardio today, and I feel great! My struggle today was to stay in my PJs and work on cleaning out all the toys in the play room, but it was an excuse to get out of exercising. I put on my sneaks and popped in my Insanity DVD and just get it done! I did, and I even had more energy to clean than earlier! =)

Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm Back!!!

It's been 2 months of not posting anything on here, so here I am doing some catch up.
I had an injury (non-work out related) that required me to stay off intense work outs, such as Insanity for 6 weeks, hence my absence in posts. Even though I haven't done Insanity Round 2 as previously planned; I have tried my best to stay active through out the day. Of course, it is different from having a rigorous and rigid plan like this summer, but I guess it was a test to see how well I would do without that type of routine. I started Pure Cardio today to jump start my daily work-out routine and Monday will be my official start of Insanity Round 2! I'm so excited! Seriously, no sarcastic undertones heheh.

My goal is to lose another 25 lbs. and I hope to accomplish this goal by Spring 2013. I hope to continue this work out journey with no more interruptions =) Lord willing.

Friday, September 7, 2012

$10 Finds

JCREW Fleece Sweater

JCREW Jacket /dress
Guess Blazer 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thrift Shopping Part II

Okay, I'm super excited to share this post because I found a  Michael Kors skirt for $8.99 today! I was able to create a whole outfit with all my purchases. Here is the round up:

DECO Blazer ($4.29) + ( Old Navy black Cami previously bought on Clearance)

Michael Kors Skirt ($8.99) Worn as a high-waist skirt 

Nine West Heels for $4.99!

A Faux Fur vest that idn't even make it to the rack when I snatched it for $9.99
Here is a look I'm trying to re-create with this piece (see below)

Friday, August 31, 2012

Thrift Shopping: What I Bought For $22.50

Made in Spain (Brand?) $2.50

Just really love the color ($5)

Banana Republic ($2.50)

H&M ($2.50)
Not sure the brand
but really liked this for fall (only $2.50!)
Mint Condition Tailored Trench  ($4.50)
Wool Scarf from Japan ($2)

I'm a mama on a budget and after losing 18 lbs. I needed a few Fall essentials to wear for my current dress size. I just could not bear the thought of buying full price on clothing I would hope to pass on once I hit my weight goal. So, I turned to Thrift Shopping; There are a wealth of information on line (especially on Pinterest) on how to Thrift Shop. Tips like: Go right when the store opens or right before closing, this way you get first dibs on everything. Next, go there with an idea of what you are looking for (a jacket? a skirt? a wall accent?) Finally, search for quality brand pieces that would be too expensive to buy brand new.

I had a great time since the Goodwill I went to seemed to be well stocked ( and organized too). I think I did pretty good with what I walked out with, what do you think? Ever found something so cool at a thrift shop? Do share! =)

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I lost a total of 18 lbs.
I started this weight loss journey on June 3rd. I had some schedule changes that affected my consistency which extended my 2nd month to this week of August. Otherwise, I would've been done August 3rd.  I will be starting Round 2 this Tuesday, September 4th. I hope to lose 1.5-2lbs week. Thank you for letting me share my journey. I FEEL GREAT :) I feel healthy and definitely a great sense of accomplishment. I am not the same over-weight mom as I was 3 months ago. I thank the Lord for lighting a fire in me to really make some changes.

My once over-weight body...

173 lbs. 

Current Weight:


Friday, August 17, 2012

Do You Buy Used?

I had a great find the other day at There was a lot of clothes (15) for $42, the clothes were from Rampage, Loft, and Old Navy. I needed a new wardrobe since my current clothes are too big so I decided to sell my size 12's and buy my smaller size clothing from either consignment stores or ebay.  I am so thrilled! The clothes came in today and I have 4 dresses, 3 shorts, 3 Chinos, 3 Tees, and 2 dressy tops. This will hold me over till the cold weather. Hopefully, by then I will have dropped another size or two so I can sell this set and buy another lot. I guess you could say I'm being frugal, it's just there is no way I can spend extra $ on clothing especially if I am not at my goal weight yet.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Getting Back to A 6Day Work Out

I've take a little break this past week doing only 2 out of 6 Insanity work outs. Our family's daily routine changed quite a bit and adjusting to the schedule plus VBS (Vacation Bible School) has led to putting work out in the back seat =( . Anyway, I realize that there has to be some way I can  accommodate my exercise schedule and look forward to picking up Month 2 of Insanity in full force. I will update at the end of Month 2 during Labor Day Weekend, which is the first week of September. I really am hoping to drop down a few more inches and fit loosely on a size 8. Looking forward to my next update! Until then, thanks for reading. Here we go .. MONTH OF INSANITY..  =o)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Jeans!

So excited to finally wear my new jeans and the fit is just perfect! Bye bye size 12 ! lol Hello to smaller sizes.. long time no wear .. =)
I'm also doubly excited since it was on clearance for $10 and I had a -$5 off coupon, making it a steal!

About 15 lbs.heavier (last July 2011)

Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Still Here!

I haven't posted in a while since life has been a bit busy lately. I did some remodeling of our bedrooms and I also had to begin a new schedule/routine for my two younger kids, which needless to say is taxing.
I'm in my second month of Insanity and this past week I have been quite inconsistent, but I got 3 out of the 6 work outs. I hope to get back to my normal routine this week. I did notice that I have dropped down 4 sizes, from a size 12 to a size 8. This is pretty exciting! Shopping was so fun knowing that I could fit into some smaller sizes, giving me more choices from the clearance rack lol. 
I've had to put my regular work out schedule on hold in order to accommodate the changes in our household, but I've stayed active doing other activities even though they are not  quite as intense as Insanity. My diet has also stayed within the 1500 calorie limit that I've imposed, so even though I haven't followed Insanity everyday I feel great! I also lost -5lbs. since last month's weigh in.

JUNE 2012
JULY 2012 

Size 12
Size 8

My goal is to reach a healthy BMI of 18... I need to lose around 30 more lbs. to get there. By then, I hope to fit into a size 4-6. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Before & After Week 4

Since I started this blog I've referred to my goal of getting healthy/fit as climbing a mountain. So, where am I in this proverbial mountain? Let's just say that I've gotten far enough to say I am not ever turning back and I'm getting closer to the top. The day I decided to start a work out routine, and the time I decided to change my eating habits I was really saying "I'm ready for change." That change required one thing I was sorely lacking, and that is DISCIPLINE.

Discipline will push you to work out no matter how long the excuses are in your mind, discipline will also help you eat the right kinds of food at all times regardless of company. There are soooo many times that I wanted to just quit in the middle of a work out but I ignored that feeling and kept pushing through until the long awaited cool down. Finishing one month of Insanity is a great accomplishment for me, and that's all by God's grace.

This week is recovery week for Insanity, and it's not a relaxing week. This week is to prepare my body for what is to come and that is a step up to the work outs I've done the previous 4 weeks. Its going to be longer, and harder! I can't believe I'm saying this but "Bring it on, Shaun T.!

I can't wait to record my progress after the end of my first round of Insanity. I hope to do a second round of Insanity for the month of August and September. I want to be in fat burning mode and I will probably incorporate weights sometime towards the end of Round 2. Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 2, 2012

-8 lbs. After Week 4 of Insanity

It felt so good to fit into this dress! I was telling my husband how when I bought this dress last year, and I asked him to zip it up, he  was so gracious to tell me "Babe,  I think the zipper is broken"  when in truth there was no more room for the zipper to move up LOL. But I am so happy to say the day I wore this dress, I had no help zipping up in fact, I had a 2 in. gap. Woohoo! :)

Recovery Week

Day 2 of Recovery week and it is a far cry from the word "recovery" lol It is still hard but I'm glad because even though the cardio is not as intense the work outs are still worth every second of my time. I still sweat like crazy and I feel like I'm really focusing on those muscles that help me burn fat.

I started something new to my daily routine and that is recording my eating and physical activity in a handy dandy app called  I really find it so simple and easy to use. A lot of the food I eat are in the database, even the pancit sotanghon (A Filipino dish made of Vermicelli noodles) I had for lunch today! The app has serve as a guide into my input (what I eat) so I know how much I have to work in the out put department (working out). I highly recommend this app for those of you who are serious about losing weight.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Losing Weight to Get Healthy

If I continued on the road of staying overweight, and almost obese I would have eventually  met the ugly faces of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. I measured my BMR, BMI, & % Body Fat and like I anticipated I was high risk for the aforementioned.  Needless to say I am relieved that I started working out and getting my weight down, and heading towards a healthier me!

That One Dress..

I found that "one" dress that I would like to perfectly fit in by the time I hit my goal. This will be worn to dinner out with my husband =) Those tangible things help me work out in days when I feel like sitting on the couch with a bag of popcorn and watching a 2 hour long Korean Drama lol (This was the old me, but the new me will hit "PLAY" and get to 40 mins. of Plyometric Circuit. Here we go ! Insanity Week 4!!!)

Dress from:

Monday, June 25, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

I Finally Own A Scale!

I went to Walmart and bought a $30 scale. I'm glad I did or else I wouldn't have known I was down
-6 lbs. in my third week of Insanity. What a great feeling! It is so exciting to see in tangible ways the pay off of exercising 6 times  a week. I'll be posting my"before and Week 3 picture" this Saturday, so do come back! Thanks for reading =)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What My Work-Out Really Looks Like..

I work out in our kitchen with the laptop, since the Kids need to be occupied for the 40 minutes I'm working out, they get dibs on the TV. However, for some reason they love to gravitate to my mat to what feels like every 5 minutes. So, here is how my 40 minutes REALLY looks like lol.

Me: Warming Up  (I see a baby in my peripheral.. I'm thinking "I really hope I don't hit him/her")

Baby: Sits on the mat

Me: Moves away from the mat and transfer to the floor (I smell something funny .. I'm thinking "oh boy, I smell poop)

PAUSE DVD-Change Diaper-Throw away diaper-wash hands-give baby toy and move baby back to living room- PRESS PLAY

Half way into my work out

Me: Sweating & out of breath (I feel a toddler holding on to my leg.. I'm thinking "that's okay- I need weights anyway)

Toddler: "Mom, I'm thirsty!" x15 

Me: Waiting for the next 30 second break so I can give toddler water

Toddler: "Mom! I want water ... pleeeeease!" 

Me: "Finally, 30 second break!" Share water with toddler 

End of my work out

Me: Panting & Drenched in Sweat ( I see baby and toddler climbing up the table)

Toddler & baby:  Making progress up the table

Me: Pause DVD- Rescue baby and toddler-Play DVD

Begging "Shaun T! Please let's do the cool down, already"

It may not be the ideal environment for working-out but, I thank God that my kids are slowly understanding that this is part of mommy's routine, and it's important. I also get the opportunity to educate my 5 year old son why exercise is important, and why food choices is also just as important. I never thought I could incorporate exercise into our everyday schedule. I had so many excuses and to me, they were valid, but 3 weeks ago my health became more important than my excuses. I committed, and prayed to God that I would be accountable for my decision and whether or not there was someone pushing or encouraging me - I would still keep on going. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Good Investment $

I thought I would reward myself for reaching my 3rd week of Insanity =)
There are great deals at Marshalls/TJ Maxx on some good quality work out clothes. I am now all set for this summer! I find it goes a long way to spend a little bit more money on high-quality work out clothes. Well, it is probably a matter of comfort since I work out 6 days a week I at least want to have work out clothes that I don't have to be tugging, pulling, folding, or adjusting every minute or so.

It's all about feeling good and being comfortable!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Still Chugging Along

I walked down the stairs today and my husband made a comment that really makes sense, and made me rethink of the before and Week 2 Pictures. I haven't really had a drastic weight loss as the pictures may have showed.. but I have noticeable weight loss. I have a looooooong way to go, In fact,
 my husband said that I was shrinking but not one body part was shrinking more than the other, meaning the weight was coming off in all parts. I kind of hoped it was an exclaim of "wow, your tummy is so flat!" lol but, in reality- it's not- yet... and that's okay, because it's only my second week and I'm in this for the long run and hope to get back into tip top shape. Just to share a few specifics.. before Insanity I fit a snug Size 12 Pants, and because a lot of my fat are centered in my core this is going to take a lot of work to burn off. The Week 2 pictures, my size 12 pants are loose. So, I haven't dropped a dress size, but I am hoping by end of July I'll be a comfortable Size 10. Just to let you know..I'm 5'3 and to be in a healthy BMI , I want to be between 125-130 lbs. I hope to be there by the end of the year. By then, I hope to fit in a size 5/6. Just thinking about it makes me do another set of Cardio Abs =)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

When Talking to Yourself Helps

Today's work out was just crazy! I've done this circuit before, but I don't know why today I was especially having a hard time pushing through the 40 minutes. I noticed that my mind was looking for an escape since I was in a situation that was painful, so it was a mental combat. One side saying "just stop, aren't you tired? Take a break." And the other side saying "No, you will not give up, you will not quit, you will finish this till the very end." As if the physical strain wasn't enough, I had this whole conversation going on in my mind! Good gracious, I was tired, but hey- I finished it, and I thank God for giving me the strength to finish strong in today's work out!

Picture quality stinks, but I've been wanting to wear this dress for  quite a while, finally fits! =)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Before & After Work Out Must Have

Two Things that I take before and after my work out.


I usually take the Access Bar & my husband drinks the shake. What is it? Well.. It's a product from a company called Melaleuca and it does the following:
  • Helps Reduce body fat
  • increase lean muscle mass and helps improve muscle tone
  • Helps keep fat off and prevents weight gain. 
"Access contains the purest form of CLA. Naturally sourced from safflower oil"
 (straight from the box)


Proflex is basically a recovery formula. Since exercise  creates free radicals (unstable molecules that attack and damage your cells, slowing recovery). Free radicals is neutralized by Vitamins. Proflex also provides the essential amino acids to build muscle, decreases recovery time to make you feel less fatigue. There is also fiber to help your digestion. All this information taken from the information written on the back of the packaging. 

Before & Week 2 of Insanity Pictures

BEFORE Insanity
Week 2 of Insanity

Before Insanity
Week 2 of Insanity 

These are pictures that show how my Insanity work out is changing my body. I committed to giving this exercise routine my 100% and I am very glad because it is Day 10 today and I feel great! In fact, I feel like I have a little bit more endurance to keep up with the crazy moves that Shaun T. does in the video. I know it's just the beginning and I'm looking forward to shedding more F A T !  ;) I'm also incorporating a change in my family's meals where we eat foods as close to nature as possible, and none of the processed stuff. Meaning, if it comes from a box, a can or a jar it won't be served as a meal. My eating habits has tremendously change. I am determined not to put back in what I've worked so hard to keep out. Stay tuned for the next set of "during" pictures, which will be Week 3 of Insanity

To all Mamas out there, you can do this!!!