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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pushing Through - Day 3 Done!

I know, it is only Day 3 but it feels like I've been working out for longer. I guess because my body is aching and using muscles that has been dormant for so long. Writing down my experience certainly helps me keep my focus: Why I'm doing this and how I got here in the first place. "This" by the way is getting fit/healthy and reclaiming my body. After back to back pregnancies I've put on considerable amount of weight and have plateaued ever since. I am disciplining my mind to push my body to stay determined to shed of this fat. I'm using Insanity to jump start my weight loss and so far It's been 3 long days lol! I'm doing this because I love my kids and want to have the energy to play with them this summer, and more importantly set a good example of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Here is to one step up my mountain!

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