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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Getting Fit -3 Kids After (Day 1 Complete!)

Okay, here we go I am determined to reclaim my body back. I have put it through 3 surgeries, and plopped on it more than 30lbs. more of weight- and today I said "Enough!" Like so many of you moms out there I am busy, and the work doesn't end at 5pm. My husband is instrumental in my goal to become fit and so we have created 3 goals for myself, and I invite you through this blog to join me in my quest to accomplish my goals and to finally conquer my battle with getting fit.
June 2012
Goal #1 Get my 2 toddlers into a schedule
Goal #2 Eat a healthy breakfast everyday (basically, no skipping breakfast!)
Goal #3 Create a task-list everyday (schedule my task and stick to it!)
I feel like I am at the foot of Mount Everest and I am just overwhelmed at the massive task set before me. However I am not turning away but putting my foot in front of the other until I reach the top. So- here we go!
Accomplishments today:
-25 minutes of Insanity Work-Out
-Creating my goals
-Posting this blog =)
Step #1- Done!

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