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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Staying Motivated

Before starting this work out routine, my husband strongly urged me to create a schedule for myself and the kids. I realized that my main problem is DISCIPLINE. This book:  The Disciplined Life: The Mark of Christian Maturity by Richard S. Taylor has been an immense help in setting the right priorities and maintaining my focus.

I am motivated to stay strong mentally, and physically. In addition, I am also even more aware of how important my spiritual life really is- in fact it is not so much about spirituality but staying connected with Jesus everyday. Staying in His Word-reading, listening, and meditating Bible promises has really helped me to stay aware that Jesus is with me through this journey.
 Praying and talking to the Lord when the work out gets hard keeps me dependent on Him- When have nothing left physically, but I know I need to keep pushing myself till the end.. I just call on to Jesus "Lord, Help me not pass out!" "Help me finish strong!"I think my goal to get fit is an object lesson on what really needs to be going on inside me. The work out ought to be just the out flowing of the discipline that I am cultivating in prayer and Bible Study.
I also look around me and see how much my children need structure, and this was sorely lacking. Although, I would attempt to get them on a schedule once there was a distraction the whole thing would be just out the window. I think what I'm trying to really say is my goal to become healthy has   affected other aspects in my life and in a positive way become a great catalyst for good changes in my family. I thank God for it.. all the good things come from Him, what a sobering and encouraging reality.

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