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Friday, August 31, 2012

Thrift Shopping: What I Bought For $22.50

Made in Spain (Brand?) $2.50

Just really love the color ($5)

Banana Republic ($2.50)

H&M ($2.50)
Not sure the brand
but really liked this for fall (only $2.50!)
Mint Condition Tailored Trench  ($4.50)
Wool Scarf from Japan ($2)

I'm a mama on a budget and after losing 18 lbs. I needed a few Fall essentials to wear for my current dress size. I just could not bear the thought of buying full price on clothing I would hope to pass on once I hit my weight goal. So, I turned to Thrift Shopping; There are a wealth of information on line (especially on Pinterest) on how to Thrift Shop. Tips like: Go right when the store opens or right before closing, this way you get first dibs on everything. Next, go there with an idea of what you are looking for (a jacket? a skirt? a wall accent?) Finally, search for quality brand pieces that would be too expensive to buy brand new.

I had a great time since the Goodwill I went to seemed to be well stocked ( and organized too). I think I did pretty good with what I walked out with, what do you think? Ever found something so cool at a thrift shop? Do share! =)

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