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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pushing with Motivation

I realized that working out has become part of my daily life, it is no longer a quest to reach a certain weight, but rather a habit that cultivates discipline. Of course, reaching a healthy BMI involves being a certain weight but my point is, I don't worship the scale anymore! And neither should you.

 Despite the hurdles that come with limiting food intake and exercising,  there is always this sense of gratification that no short-cut diets can provide. In fact, someone asked me recently  if I was doing a diet since I had looked smaller. I thought about her question and I finally understood that she (like me before) thought the only way to lose weight is to follow a "diet." However, I don't think that's my goal anymore. It would be really nice to pass down healthy habits to my children: Habits that include eating fresh food and as close to the source as possible as well as keeping an active lifestyle. What an incredibly high calling because it means I need to exemplify that in my life first. 

 I have to make good choices in what I put on the table, in our pantry and in our fridge; Furthermore, I need to exemplify how to play games that will amp up our heart rate and provide just as much fun as reaching the next level on a video game. With that said, completed 45 minutes of cardio today, and I feel great! My struggle today was to stay in my PJs and work on cleaning out all the toys in the play room, but it was an excuse to get out of exercising. I put on my sneaks and popped in my Insanity DVD and just get it done! I did, and I even had more energy to clean than earlier! =)

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