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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wittlebee Box Review (Boys 18-24 months)

Here is my experience with Wittlebee.
Final Cost: $19.99 (Discounted) for the 1st month. Shipping is included in the membership. $39.99 every month thereafter. More on Wittlebee membership here
Shipping: Ordered on 2/7/12 and I received my box via USPS Priority mail on 2/21/12 (about 2 wks.)
Brands: Gap, American Apparel, Cottonseeds, and Old Navy, Legwarmers (not sure what brand?)
Condition: All clothes are brand new
The process was fairly smooth even with the two weeks wait (I know they are adding more people on staff to keep up with the demand so this two weeks wait may get shorter in the future?)  I signed up using a referral link that allowed me to get 50% off my first month. There are lots of referral links from members on their  wall at Wittlebee facebook page, should you need one. It took about a week before a stylist contacted me to ask about size and style preference. The stylist was very nice and friendly, she asked what colors I preferred, and what type of prints I liked. I mentioned I wanted comfortable tops (cotton) with solid colors, and pants that match the tops. I also emphasized the need for leg warmers! and I'm very pleased that I got everything I wanted and needed. For $19.99 the clothes are about $2.50 each and if it were the regular membership of$39.99 the clothes would be about $5.00 each. Again, these are brand new clothes so I think they are priced pretty reasonably. However, for some bargain hunters that have the time to shop at clearance sections of department stores some of these basic clothes you may find a little steep considering these items can be priced at less than $5.00. Some may find Wittlebee a good suit for them since its convenient, and they include high-quality clothes without the hassle of going shopping and sometimes even having to go through the clearance section. I tried to calculate about how much I would have paid for each item if I didn't go through Wittlebee and it came out to about $80+ (Cottonseed shirts are 3 for $45).

Wittlebee Box


8 pieces of clothing

Piece #1 Cottonseed short sleeve

Piece #2 Gap L-S waffle tee

Piece #3 Cotton Seed

Piece # 4 Cotton Seed Long Sleeve 

Piece #5 Baby Leg warmers

Piece # 6 Old Navy Graphic Tee

Piece # 7 American Apparel pants

Piece # 8 Baby Gap athletic pants 

Group Pic

Group Pic

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