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Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Year Later...

I started blogging last year (2012) to keep myself accountable of the fitness goals I hoped to achieve. Shaun T's Insanity work outs proved to be the jump start I needed to get me from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active and health conscious one. As I look back into 2012 and look forward into what remains of 2013 I am overwhelmed by the change that has taken place in my life as well as the continued success I hope to achieve (in terms of getting fit and healthy).

I am 5'3 and last year I weighed 175lbs! Scary, I must say because that definitely put me in the obese category. To date, I am 140 lbs, that's 35lbs lesser! Incredible what one year of hard work can accomplish and it's by God's grace, He kept me healthy and focused on my goal so that I can cheer "success!" However, my husband continues to challenge me. My husband knows a lot about exercise since he just completed Army Basic Combat Training, an intense and rigorous 10 week training.
 He enouraged me to lower my %body fat and get in better shape by lowering my BMI. So,  I've set another goal to lose 20 more pounds. I intend to pump up my cardio, follow a clean eating program and start lifting weights.

Here are 10 simple things I want to share from what I have learned so far:
  1. Always carry a water bottle! Drink water and for me, it's one thing I don't leave home without, besides by pocketbook.
  2. Invest in a heart rate monitor watch! This allows you to check if you are not working hard enough or pushing too hard (depending on the model, some also show the amount of calories burned during your work out)
  3. Get at least 7 hours of good sleep! No lights, no TV-cellphones-tablets-laptops,etc.!
  4. Take a multi-vitamin
  5. Drink a pre-work out and post- work out protein drink
  6. invest in comfortable work out gear (including a good pair of sneaks)
  7. Use myfitnesspal App to record your caloric intake
  8. Do something active for an hour a day even if it's not at the gym or at home working out. Play outside, go swimming, go for a run, play tag, garden, clean the house. Seriously, all these activites use energy and it's better than sitting on the couch watching TV or playing video games. 
  9. Use a mirror to make sure you are using proper form during work outs
  10. No HFCS : High Fructose Corn Syrup
Well, I'm sure there is more but that's it for now. Cheers! 

               Current At 5'3 and 140 lbs.

JULY 2011- 165lbs. or more Size 12-14

JULY 2012: 156 lbs. Size 8-10

JULY 2013: 140 lbs. Size 4-6

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